Antinsky vacuum bag for 3d filament Storage (15 bags, wireless Electric pump) 3D Printing PLA PETG PA Filament Sealed Vacuum Keep Dry Avoid Moisture

Ship from: China
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Antinsky Vacuum Storage Kit (wireless Electric pump) 

3D printing filament is a kind of material that needs moisture-proof. Once the filament is damp, it will lead to printing defects such as bubbles, wire drawing, embrittlement and so on. If the 3D printing filament cannot be used up in time, it must be encapsulated in a vacuum bag to avoid moisture.

Antisky vacuum bag kit provides 15 vacuum bags and 25 environmentally friendly cobalt free humidity indicator cards. It is a cost-effective accessory product of 3D printer.



Packing list


Vacuum Bag *15

Wireless electric Pump * 1

Humidity indicate card * 25

Clip * 1



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