Creality CR-SCAN Lizard 3D Scanner Standard Premium Luxury 0.05mm accuracy 3d scanning machine 2022

样式: Standard
Sale price$639.00


Creality CR-SCAN Lizard 3D Scanner 

1. up 0.05 mm accuracy: Capture Even the Finest Detail. Cr-scan Lizard can scan small parts and 3D prototypes with deep , hard-to-reach details .Designed with binoculars , Cr-scan Lizard is featured by its professional-grade accuracy of up to 0.05 mm realized by the improved precision calibration method.

2. no-maker scanning:Cr-scan Lizard is a real time saver . The intelligent algorithm makes 3D scanning as easy as taking a video . No need to stick markers anymore , even for big parts like engine hood , car door , front or rear bumper sand so on

3. One-click model optimization:  CR Studio developed with the integration of 3D complete automation algorithms enables model optimization within one click ! It supports multi-positional auto-alignment auto-noise removal , auto-model simplified topology , auto-hole filling , and auto-texture mapping , impressing users with ease of use .Furthermore , CR Studio supports OTA online updates for free

4. Scan in  Bright Sunlight: Designed by multi-spectral optical technology ,Cr-scan Lizard maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight , vastly improving environmental adaptability .

5. Black Object scanning: Cr-scan Lizard has better material adaptability and can scan black objects , leaving unlimited creativity

6. Multi mode scanning: Three scanning modes are optional , which support scanning objects of different sizes and meet various scanning circumstances and requirements . Cr-scan Lizard is compatible with a portable charger , making charging method flexible .


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