DAZZLE DLP 3D printer D100 95*54*150mm Dental Resin 3d printer D100 impresora 3d DLP PRINTER

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DAZZLE DLP 3D printer
The deposit is 5000USD Please communicate the final price with customer service.
ANTINSKY:Shenzhen dazzle Laser Forming Technology co, Ltd is a high-tech enterprisespecializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of 3d printers and resins, which wasestablished in 2012, born with passion in 3D printing. Over the passed 9 years,wereleased 5 models of 3D printer and over 45 types of photosensitive resins fordifferent applications. Most of our resins and 3D printers have been widely used inindustries requiring high accuracy, such as dental and jewelry. We bring passion,reliability and innovation with the 3D Printers and resins we made. We believe 3Dprinting technology will change the world. Started by providing 3D printing services,including SLS, SLM, MJP, SLA, and have been serving over 9000 clients for multipleindustries, such as dental, electric tools, automobile. our driven is to make theexcellent level products

Dazz 3D D100
Machine Size
Build Volume
Net Weight
22 KGS
Z Resolution
25 micron
Layer Thickness
0.025 / 0.035 / 0.05 / 0.1 mm
Light Source
Texas Instruments® industrial grade UV light engine
Wave Length
Light Source Resolution
1920*1080 pixels
Online Support
Input File
USB & multi-user uplink for Wi-Fi
Input Power
100-240V, 50-60Hz , 2A
Touch Screen
Smart screen-touch system

Advantages of D100

1. Fully integratedunite with zeromaintenance

2. The touch screencontrol system issimple to operate

3. supports multi-user remote real-time printing.

4.Utilizes the most expensive customized DMD chip from TexasInstruments

5. Industrial grade UV light engineensures stable anduniform illuminationlight source

6. High quality outputin the shortesttime Speed:8-33mm/h, adjustable


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