Flashforge Newest Adventurer 4 3d Printer Machine with 220*200*250mm build volume Good Performance 3d Printer for Educational Use

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Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d Printer

Established in 2011, Zhejiang Flashforge 3D technology Co., LTD is one of the first professional 3D printing equipment and materials R&D and manufacturing enterprises in China. At present it is the domestic first, ranking third in consumer-level 3D printing brand manufacturers globally. (Data source 3D Hubs). And, Flashforge was awarded the title of  Famous brand in Zhejiang Province.

 As a R&D and manufacturing enterprise providing products and solutions of the whole industrial chain, Flashforge presently owns 10 product categories, extending from 3D printer, 3D printing filament, 3D designing software to 3D printing service, providing dozens of types of products, covering the complete industrial chain. Products are divided into three levels: industry level, commercial level and civil level, meeting the needs of different types of users. Meanwhile, Flashforge is in the industry leading level in technology R&D, channel construction, after-sales service and other aspects.

All - inHands-on 3D printer

 220 *220 "*250mm build volume

Free leveling

Flexible magnetic build plate

265 degree swap nozzle

HEPA13 air filter1kg spool holder

Wireless printing

Adventurer 4 has real leveling-free design of platform and larger printing size ,combining new slicer which could easily monitor and manage multiple 3Dprinter . To integrate interest , daily life and working efficiency with intelligentprinting experience for family consumers , educators and office users . Speedup for a better life

High-efficiency & Plug-n-play

Real auto-level platform : Applying CNC made bottom frame as mounting baselevel : 8 mm super-flat aluminum plate ensures the platform flatness ; The wholeflatness difference is less than 0 . 15 mm ; Excellent first-layer printing quality and savethe time to adjustment

Remove models quickly

Magnetic adsorption platform , double holdersbending the spring plate and take down

modelswithin 5 seconds

Removable Nozzle

Quickly detachable nozzle with patentedbuckle design . Only 3 seconds , tool freeeasier for replacement and maintenance .More easier to change and maintain60 seconds heating up to 200 degree .

 Wide range of application coverage 

Larger printing size : 220 * " 250mmBuilt-in lkg filament spool holderDifferent nozzle choice : 0 . 3 / 0 . 4 / . 6mnChoose details and timeliness as you wish240 / 265 degree nozzleMatch with various filamentsPLA / PETG / ABS / PC / PLA-CF / PETG-CFe Compatible with third-party filamen


Easy to print and good surface


Easy to print and has Starry sky texturematte surface


Wonderful smooth surface andenhanced strength

PC : High strength & High temperature resistant

PETG : High transparency & wonderfuloughness

Multi-function escort
Continue printing after recovery from power failuree
Detection sensor for lacking filament
HD Built-in camera monitoring ( Adventurer 4 only)
Remote printing control by Wi-fi or Ethernete
New Flashprint support multi-device on-linecontrol , managing printers in high efficiency
Remote-control function handle exceptions while printing
Energy-saving mode : only IKWH powerconsumption when standby overnight .
Flashprint could go on sort management andpin management for device ; printing workare collected in alignment ; improvemanagement efficiency of multi-device
Interaction friendly and safe
45db silent printing suitable for home and classuseo 4.3 inch high-sensitivity touchscreen to operatee Fully-enclosed housing to lower the possibility ofinjury caused by mechanical movementHEPA 13 high-filter could filter 99% TVOC powderand activated charcoal filter printingsmell ( Designed to silently remove nano-particles )
Application cases
Education : applicable of K-12
eduction : 3D design and 3D printingteaching and training
Home user : personal player , hobbyistcould print parts for home
Office : designers , engineers couldprint part to test the rationality ofdesigned models
Small business : produce samples insmall scale production

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