Creality Ender 7 High Speed 250*250*300mm fdm 3d Printer CoreXY 3d printing machine

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Creality Ender 7 High Speed 250*250*300mm



Antinsky: Creality ender 7 is fastest 3d printers in ender family and with 5 times printing speed (250mm/s) compare with normal one. 

About this item

  • 【HIGH-SPEED PRINTING】New breakthrough of speed, normal printing speed is up to 250mm/s, enjoy instant high-speed printing while maintaining the same molding precision quality.
  • 【HIGHER PRECISION】Utilizing linear rail technology to reduce movement resistance to a lower level, high precision positioning, and yet comes with high-speed stable movement.
  • 【CORE-XY STRUCTURE】Utilizing Core-XY structure, dual motors running parallelly with coordinated operations, faster speed, and higher precision.
  • 【SMOOTH DISCHARGE AND STABLE FEEDING】Full-metal dual gear extruder, strong bite, greater extrusion force, uniform extrusion force, continuous and stable feeding.
  • 【Applicable Fields】Prototype verification; Education and R&D; Structural design; Artistic Creativity, etc.

Antinsky:We will send corresponding plugs for different destination countries. If you have special needs, please confirm with us in advance.

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