Anycubic DLP Craftsman Resin UV Wavelength 365-405nm Multiple colors choices for LCD 3D Printer

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Anycubic Craftsman Resin

Founded in 2015, Anycubic has become one of the most popular 3D printer brands in the market, with around 300 employees based in Shenzhen, China.

Their photon mono x are most popular LCD 3d printer in these years. 

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At the same time ,we were authorized by Anycubic,Under our (antinsky)management, the products sell well and have been praised by customers.

Anycubic DLP Craftsman Resin

Precision Matters

High Accuracy DLP Exclusive Long Shelf Life

Resin Matters

When discussing 3D printing , most people focus onhe resolution of 3D printer . But experienced makersknow that the materials used are as important asthe printer in order to make the final results look good

Photosensitive resin Ceramic powder

Anycubic developed this DLP Craftsman resin to help makersobtain more detailed 3D printed items . Specific proportions ofnano-scale microcrystalline ceramic powders are added to Anycubicphotosensitive resin , which enhances the scattering of light withinthe resin , making the resin more sensitive to light and curing finer

Developed for Photon Ultra

In September 2021 , Anycubic Photon Ultra became thefirst consumer 3D printer with DLP technology in the industryAnycubic developed this DLP Craftsman resin for it totake full advantage of its high-precision printing

Compatible with Mainstream DLP Printers

After further compatibility testing , Anycubic was pleasedto find that the DLP Craftsman resin works well not onlywith Photon Ultra . but also with other mainstream DLP3D printers on the market . You can also get an excellentprinting experience and incredible life-like details

Extra Long Shelf Life-one and a Half Years

Fast Speed Low Shrinkage

Also benefited from formula upgrade , Anycubic DLP Craftsman resinnot only has high printing accuracy , long shelf life , and fast printing speed

low shrinkage rate . When cooled , the finished print is not muchdifferent from when it was just printed . What you see is what you get


( 1 ) Before useShake the resin well before useClean the resin tank and platform , keep the bottom of the resin tankhighly transparent

(2 ) When usingUnscrew the cap and add it to the resin tank according to requirementsSelect the correct print Settings to print

( 3 ) After use :After printing , use supporting tools for post-processing , including spatuladiagonal pliers , tweezers , containers , and gloves , Ethanol ( > 95 % )lactate or isopropyl alcohol cleaning liquid

( 4 ) post-processing stepsA . Remove the finished print from the platform with a spatula ;B Cleaning and curing . Using ANYCUBIC wash & cure machine better effec ;C Proper processing , such as remove supports , polishing , coloring , etc


Keep sealed and away from light at room temperature . Avoid heator sunlight

Recommended temperature : 18-35'C The printing effect may beaffected if the temperature is too low . The resin can be preheatedproperly ( not more than 60 % C ) before use

In case of settlement of resin pigment , please stirring or shakingwell before use

In order to ensure the desired properties of cured materials , the intensityand time of light source during post-curing should be controlled .Therefore , it is suggested that

(1)The intensity of mercury lamp or LED light source is 5-10MW / m2 ,and the duration shall not exceed 1 hour ( self-regulation )

(2 ) The duration of sun exposure ( summer ) should be controlled atabout 1 hour

( 3 ) Close or long-term exposure under strong light sources such ashigh-power high-pressure mercury lamp is prohibited

( 4 ) It is recommended to print in a dark room , or cover when printing

Material performance may vary and depend on individual machineprocessing and post-curing . Please refer to the PRODUCT MSDS for safetyinformation . Please feel free to contact us if there are any problems

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