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Creality and Anycubic Successively released new 3D printer 2021


Direct drive extruder has always been a shortage of creality. Most creality's 3D printers are remote extruders, so they can't print flexible 3D filaments such as TPU. However, the release of four direct drive extruder series 3D printers by creality at one time is a major revolution in the 3D printer market.


Creality Ender 3 s1

Creality Ender 3 s1 is a very comprehensive 3d printer for beginners. This printer inherits the cool design style of Ender 3 v2. At the same time, very useful function designs such as direct drive extruder, resume printing, auto levering and PEI bed are added. I believe this will be a very popular 3D printer.

Creality CR10 smart Pro

Creality CR10 smart Pro The dual gear direct drive extruder is also upgraded, and the strong basic force makes the printing smoother without plug.
CR10 smart pro has WiFi remote control, real-time HD camera monitoring, automatic LED light auxiliary monitoring and other functions. Even if the 3D printer is not around, you can control everything about her.
PEI plateform,flexible metal magnetic platform makes it easier for you to take models


Creality Sermoon V1 / V1 pro
Creality Sermoon V1 have the same update function like Creality CR10 smart pro, Double gear direct drive extruder, WiFi remote control, wide-angle camera monitoring, PEI plateform.
but difference is that Creality Sermoon v1 have closed chamber, allows the temperature to be better maintained in the chamber. It greatly saves energy consumption.
Sermoon v1 pro have door sensors making you safer. The printer pauses automatically when the door is opened.

Anycubic photon mono x 6k
Anycubic photon Mono X is the best seller in Anycubic 3d printer. it's competitor is Phrozen Sonic mighty 4k and Elegoo Saturn. This time Anycubic is the first one upgrade this middle size resin 3d printer to 6k.
In order to better protect its premium screen. Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K added a dedicated and replaceable anti-scratch film above the screen itself , making that expensive screen much more durable than its rivals .

Anycubic photon mono 4k
Even Anycubic photon mono sells very well, but it still be a 2k resin 3d printer. I think it's really good news for Anycubic 3d printer fans. this time no only upgrade precision, it also add dedicated and replaceable anti-scratch film above the screen too.

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