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In 2021, a neglected new direct drive extrusion 3D printer, artillery Sw-x2



Artillery was founded in 2018 and started in the 3D printing industry not too early.  Although it started late, its market positioning was very accurate. At that time, most DIY 3d printers in the market used the remote extrusion system, while Artillery produced a full range of near end extrusion 3D printers. Compared with the far end extrusion 3D printers, direct drive extrusion 3D printers produced conventional materials such as PLA, ABS and PETG It can also print TPU, a flexible material.

Instead of doing everything like other printer manufacturers, Artillery adopts the high-quality strategy and makes two DIY desktop 3D printers (Genius 220 * 220 * 250mm and rattlesnake SW 300 * 300 * 400mm) to win the market with quality and cost performance. In 2020, the sales of these two models can be described as extremely hot. The artistry sw-x1 once set a sales record of 200 units in a single month in Antinsky official store.

Affected by the shortage of chips in 2021, SW-X2 and Genius Pro are a little late. Due to the impact of traffic interruption, the new products are not as popular as the old ones. But Mr. Ant still thinks that these two products are indeed conscience products in 3D printers. Let's have a look.


Ingenious design

Making the ultimate consumer 3D printer is the dream of Artillery. Therefore, the engineers of every design, every material, every optimization and Artillery try their best.

1. Simple cable arrangement

Get rid of complex lines. The original layout design of yuntu Chuangzhi makes the messy wires on the surface concise. At the same time, the regular line swing can reduce the impact on the nozzle and improve the stability of the machine.

2 simple installation

95% factory pre installed, users only need to gently insert the gantry and install the material rack to complete the structural installation.

The circuit between the gantry and the base adopts the form of quick plug. When the gantry is inserted, the circuit can be connected at the same time. At the same time, the insert adopts gold crossing process to increase durability and stability.

3 strong profile

Rattlesnake and xiaogenius use exaggerated 2060 profiles to greatly ensure the stability of gantry and x-axis. Even after the extreme test of people sitting on the gantry, the machine is still stable and high-quality printing.

4 thick base

Integrating a large number of parts into the base can not only be beautiful, but also increase the weight of the base, reduce the center of gravity of the machine and increase the printing stability.

5 multiple optimization designs

The design of z-axis damping wheel of carriage can reduce the gap between x-axis and Z-axis and increase stability

The hot bed adopts AC current, which can be quickly heated to 110 ° C in 2 minutes to reduce the trouble of waiting during use.

Common motor drives are easy to lose step in ultra silent mode; The self-developed driving scheme is adopted to achieve high speed, quiet and no step loss

Modular short-range extruder design reduces the difficulty for users to replace parts

Electromagnetic sensors are vulnerable to external electromagnetic interference; The photoelectric ABL automatic leveling sensor is optimized to avoid external interference and enhance stability.

6 simple and fashionable appearance

Artillery believes that 3D printer should be a high completion product, and integrity and appearance are also important indicators.

Like the new product Bumblebee, the remote extruder has a simple appearance. Thanks to its patented design of aviation integrated line. The feeding pipe, electric wire and data wire are integrated into one, which can simplify the complexity and simple installation.


2021年一款被众人忽视了的新款近端挤出3d打印机,Artillery SW-X2

云图创智(Artillery)成立于2018年,在3d打印行业起步并不算早。虽然起步晚,但是市场定位非常精准。当时市场上大部分DIY3d打印机都是采用远端挤出系统,而Artillery却全系列生产近端挤出3d打印机。相比远端挤出3d打印机,近端挤出3d打印机出了能打PLA\ABS\PETG这些常规材料, 还能打印TPU这种柔性材料。 

云图创智(Artillery)并没有像其他打印机厂家那样什么产品都做,而是采用精品策略,就做两款DIY桌面级3d打印机(小天才220*220*250mm 和响尾蛇 SW  300*300*400mm) ,用品质和性价比去赢得市场。在2020年这两款的销量可谓异常火爆,Artillery SW-X1曾在蚁在云端官方商店创下单月200台的销售纪录。 

2021年受到芯片短缺的影响,SW-X2和Genius pro有些姗姗来迟。收到流量中断的影响,新款产品并没有像老款一样火爆。 但是蚂蚁先生还是觉得这两款产品确实是3d打印机中的良心产品。 下面让我们一起来看看吧。






























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