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Anycubic released new products - Photon Ultra

                                                                                             Antinsky 2021-12-17

As we all know, photon is the flagship product of Anycubic. Its mono X and mono are best-selling models. Recently, mono 4K and mono x 6K have just been launched. Just now, Anycubic launched their first DLP desktop level 3D printer, photon Ultra. Recently, photon ultra has opened pre-sale on major online platforms of Antinsky at an ultra-low price of 629USD. If you are looking for a UV curing 3D printer with high performance and cost performance, this new DLP product, which is an important part of the concept of "freedom for intelligent manufacturing" of Anycubic, can be the best choice.

Product link: Photon ultra

In the UV curing 3D printer with LCD technology, the light will diffuse, blur and block, resulting in concave convex and shadow on the edge of the model. After switching to DLP digital projector technology, Through thousands of tiny mirrors (DMD) project the light beam directly and intensively to the bottom of the chute, and then through internal correction and focusing, it can minimize distortion and diffusion. In addition, Photon ultra can produce up to 90% light uniformity in the projected image, and supports 16x anti aliasing function. When used in combination with vertical dimension cubic DLP red wax resin, the image of the print is clearer, the color is purer, the layers are richer and the texture is more smooth More delicate.

The speed advantage is also reflected in the DLP technology 3D printer. Unlike the LCD 3D printer using mobile laser point by point curing resin, photon ultra prints through full-layer exposure, Improve the accuracy and reduce the number of printing layers (Times). In addition, the new product also supports power adjustment, which can print at the speed of 1.5 seconds per layer at the fastest (about 60mm / h), which is five times faster than the traditional SLA point light source, and is equivalent to the speed of photon mono x with high-quality black-and-white exposure screen. Assuming that the printing object is a dental model, the printing task can be easily completed with photon ultra in 20 minutes.

In terms of post maintenance of the machine, which is widely concerned, photon ultra can achieve low maintenance cost or even zero maintenance cost. It is understood that photon ultra has a light source efficiency of up to 40%, which is 15 times higher than the 2.5-3% light efficiency of LCD printer. However, the power consumption of the machine is much less, and the rated power is only 12W. Therefore, compared with the LCD 3D printer that needs to change the exposure screen frequently, the photon ultra has less heat in the printing process, can reduce the use of cooling fan, make the printing process quieter, and effectively reduce the damage of light source to the built-in projector. The service life of core components is up to 20000 hours, which is 10 times higher than that of 2000 hours of high-quality black-and-white screen.

In the past, using DLP technology required high cost, which is contrary to the concept of "creating freedom for intelligence" of vertical dimension cube. Therefore, Anycubic worked with Texas Instruments (TI) improved the DLP ® Pico ™ The size of the chipset enables it to be used in desktop 3D printers, so that photon ultra can be presented to you at a pre-sale hand price of 3399 yuan. Today, such a new DLP product that is accurate, efficient, easy-to-use and in line with the budget can be called vertical dimension cube. As a desktop LCD 3D print head enterprise, it can accurately study and judge today's consumer demand.

At present, the consumption of 3D printing industry is constantly upgrading, and is experiencing the transformation from functionality to quality demand, and then to both. Through continuous and all-round product upgrading, vertical dimension cube is committed to bringing users more quality 3D printing equipment and more ideal 3D printing methods. Today, the new products of anycubic series are being developed and tested. It is expected that we will meet with you one after another in the near future to bring new help to the industry.



总所周知, Photon是纵维立方的旗舰产品,其Mono X, Mono 都是畅销款,近期又刚刚推出了MONO 4K和 MONO X 6K。而就在刚刚,纵维立方Anycubic又推出了他们首款DLP桌面级3d打印机Photon Ultra。Photon Ultra近日已以3399元人民币的超低价在Antinsky各大线上平台开启预售。如果你正在寻求一台兼具高性能和性价比的光固化3D打印机,这款作为纵维立方“为智造自由”概念重要组成部分的DLP新品可以作为最优选择。


在LCD技术光固化3D打印机中,光线会存在漫射、模糊和遮挡的现象,导致模型边缘出现凹凸和阴影。而切换到DLP数字投影仪技术后,通过成千上万个微小的反射镜(DMD)将光束直接、集中的投射到料槽底部,再经过内部的校正和聚焦,能够最小化畸变和扩散。此外,Photon Ultra能够在投影图像中产生高达90%的光均匀度且支持16倍抗锯齿功能,和纵维立方DLP红蜡树脂搭配使用,打印件成像更清晰、色彩更纯净、层次更丰富、纹理更细腻。

速度优势在DLP技术3D打印机中也体现得非常到位。与采用移动激光逐点固化树脂的光固化3D打印机不同,Photon Ultra通过全层曝光进行打印,提高精度的同时减少打印层(次)数。另外,新品还支持功率调节,最快能够以1.5秒每层的速度进行打印(约合60mm/h),比传统的SLA点光源打印效率要快5倍,与采用了高品质黑白曝光屏的Photon Mono X速度相当。假设打印对象为一版牙模,使用Photon Ultra能够在20分钟内轻松完成打印任务。

在广为关注的机器后期维护方面,Photon Ultra能够做到低维护成本甚至是0维护成本。据了解,Photon Ultra拥有高达40%的光源效率,相比LCD打印机2.5-3%的光效要高出15倍,然而机器的功耗却要少的多,额定功率仅有12W。因此Photon Ultra相较于需要频繁更换曝光屏的LCD光固化3D打印机在打印过程中发热量更小,能够减少冷却风扇的使用,使打印过程更安静,并有效减轻光源对内置投影仪的损伤,核心元器件的使用寿命高达20000小时,比起高品质黑白屏的2000小时使用寿命还要高出10倍。

以往使用DLP技术需要高昂的成本花费,这与纵维立方“为智造自由”的理念相悖。因此,纵维立方联合德州仪器(TI)改进了DLP® Pico™ 芯片组的尺寸,使其能够运用在桌面级3D打印机上,从而让Photon Ultra能够以3399元的预售到手价呈现在大家面前。当今这样一台精确、高效、易用且符合预算的DLP新品,可以称得上是纵维立方作为桌面级光固化3D打印头部企业对当今消费需求的精准研判。



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