Antinsky Flexible resin for DLP LCD resin 3d printer 405nm 1kg TPU like silicon 70A-80A soft transparent resin

Colours: Clear



Antinsky Flexible resin 

Antinsky is a world-renowned 3D printing supplier, and its agent brands such as creality, Phrozen, anycuc, elegoo, eSUN, polymaker and other brand products sell well all over the world. At the same time, after years of research and development, Antinsky high-end 3D printing resin was launched in 2022, including high-precision 8K resin, high toughness resin, high-temperature resin, Dental Guide resin, dental mold resin, cast jewelry resin, cast dental resin, high transparency resin, with the characteristics of easy printing, high precision, low shrinkage, and high cost performance.

Antinsky Flexible resin  is a chemical polymer based on alternating chains of silicon and oxygen atoms. It is used as liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in 3D printing. It is a highly stable elastomer that can withstand extreme temperatures and environments

 Applicable 3d printers: LCD 3D printer and DLP 3D printer with LED light source wavelength of 365nm-405nm.

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