Antinsky Goprint flex building plate for resin 3d printer phrozen sonic mini 4k, sonic mini 8k, Sonic mighty 8k, Sonic mighty 4k, M3 max

尺寸: 6 inch 136*82mm (5.35*3.22in)


Antinsky Goprint flex building plate for resin 3d printer

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1. Get rid of troubles - the biggest trouble of resin 3D printing is to disassemble the model. Antinsky-GoPrint flexible stainless steel printing board will solve this problem for you. You only need to dismantle the magnetic steel plate and bend it to remove the model easily.

2. Strong adsorption- Antinsky - GoPrint steel plate can be printed on both sides. One side is carved with laser patterns, which has a very strong bottom layer adsorption capacity. At the same time, our back glue adopts 3M glue, which has strong adsorption capacity and is not easy to bubble when immersed in photosensitive resin.

3. Efficient printing - you do not need to disassemble the printing platform and repeat leveling. Easy demoulding allows you to quickly start printing the next piece.

4. Special steel plate - the flexible printing platform of Antinsky-GoPrint adopts special steel plate, which can still be restored to a flat state after 100000 times of bending.

5. special note: in order to use this product for a longer time, it is recommended that you purchase another waterproof super glue on the basis of 3M glue.



 Antinsky-Gprint Flex steel 3d printing plate family
Flex 3d printing plate 6 in :For Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, sonic 4k 2022, Photon Mono, elegoo mars 2

Flex 3d printing plate 7.1 in :For Phrozen Sonic mini 8k , Antinsky M3, Elegoo mar3

Flex 3d printing plate 8.9 in :For Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K, sonic XL 4k, ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X, M3PLUS, Elegoo saturn

Flex 3d printing plate 10 in :Elegoo Saturn 2.

Flex 3d printing plate 10.1 in :Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8k 10in.

Flex 3d printing plate 13.3 in :Anycubic M3 max

Flex 3d printing plate 15 in :Phrozen MEGA.

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