Antinsky High Tough UV Resin with 405nm and Low Shrinkage for LCD DLP 3D printer Resin Engineering



Antinsky High Tough resin

Antinsky is a world-renowned 3D printing supplier, and its agent brands such as creality, Phrozen, anycuc, elegoo, eSUN, polymaker and other brand products sell well all over the world. At the same time, after years of research and development, Antinsky high-end 3D printing resin was launched in 2022, including high-precision 8K resin, high toughness resin, high-temperature resin, Dental Guide resin, dental mold resin, cast jewelry resin, cast dental resin, high transparency resin, with the characteristics of easy printing, high precision, low shrinkage, and high cost performance.

The features of Antinsky High Tough resin:

1.Toughness ABS photosensitive resin material is suitable for the production of fine details, good toughness, high strength parts, especially there are screws, buckle structure and high surface force requirements of products, this material strength advanced ABS and PBT, and has the smoothness and high precision of resin.

2.High toughness resin is also a kind of photosensitive resin, so the surface quality of the forming parts is the same as that of ordinary photosensitive resin, which is relatively smooth, easy to polish, spray paint and color. The advantages of general resin are high toughness resin. In addition, the high toughness resin also has very good advantages of flexural tensile resistance to fatigue.For parts to be assembled, repeated disassembly process, ordinary resin fatigue resistance, easy to break, and high toughness resin can be very good to avoid the above situation.

Antinsky High Tough resin have a balance of hardness and toughness:

The finished model has good hardness and flexibility, excellent molding and impact resistance.
The details clearly:The printing size is stable, the model texture is exquisite, the surface is smooth, and the details are three-dimensional
Applicable 3d printers: LCD 3D printer and DLP 3D printer with LED light source wavelength of 365nm-405nm.

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