ANTINSKY Industrial-grade Letter 3D printer luminous characters printer with 100mm/s print 800*800*70mm large size for industory printer



                   ANTINSKY Industrial grade 3D luminous characters printer


Antinsky is the Biggest 3d printing trading company. More than 50 brands of 3d printing and >1000 products have enter our online store.
    We have one Trading Company, one 3d printer factory, one 3d filament factory, one 3d pen factory


Main business: 3d printer, 3d filament, 3d resin, 3d pen, 3d scanner, 3d spare parts and 3d service

Main cooperative brand

  •     3d Filament & Resin: eSUN, Antinsky, Sunlu, Sunhokey, Polymaker, Cctree, Hello3d, Sting, Boxai,…
  •     3d Printer: Creality, Anycubic, Artillery, Phrozen, Flashforge, Elegoo, Raise3d Flsun, Weedo, Dazzle, Twotrees, Dowell, Jgmaker, Anet, QIDI, Ideaformer, Vanshape,  …
  •     Metal 3d printer: BLT, Farsoon
  •     3d Scanner: Einscan, Scantech, Creality, xyzprinting
  •     3d Pen: Antinsky
  •     3d equipment: Mosaic
  •     Engraving&Cutting: Twotrees, NEJE, YEMING

Overseas Stock:

       US EU AU RU CA UK


Factory direct ,customization Maintenance, convenient ,Stable performance ,low energy.

Expandable small laser head, engraving wood, paper, PCB, plastic, leather, etc. (optional)

Large capacity nozzle structure

The nozzle is not plugged. Two auxiliary drum fans are added to the left and right of the nozzle to increase heat dissipation and improve printing speed, and there is no need to slow down the small print.
The linear guide is used to test the industrial grade linear GUIDERAIL XYZ axis, which improves the linear sliding accuracy of the machine to 0.02UMSMALL friction stability, greatly improves the power LOSSSTRONG sealing ability of the machine, and makes the printing layer more delicate.
The high power supply configuration uses the high-quality power supply of Taiwan Hemingway, the power supply is more stable.


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