ANTINSKY- PHAETUS x VORON ST All-Metal Hotend 3d printing head high temp 500C


Colours: Blue
販売価格$84.50 通常価格$89.90



Patent Code: ZL2019222438863

no ship to USA

Antinsky-Phaetus is an industrial printing spare parts brand specially developed for high-end 3D printing needs. The product range covers hot end, nozzle, extruder and other spare parts. It has dragon, dragonfly, Voron, rapido, watercool, Taichi and other series, which can easily meet the needs of different users.

Dragon (Dragon series): it is a high-temperature print head. The printing temperature can reach 500 degrees Celsius, while maintaining high-speed printing flow. Its wall thickness of 0.1mm makes the heat dissipation effect reach the best state. At the same time, it supports changing the nozzle with one hand only.
Dragonfly (Dragon series): it is the most cost-effective product in Antinsky -Phaetus, which can almost meet most use scenarios, and the price is low.
Pheatus*Voron: a joint product of Pheatus and Voron, it is a high-end 3D print head specially designed for Voron printers.
Watercool (water-cooled series): if your 3D printing temperature is very high and the printing volume is very large, this water-cooled 3D print head will be a very good choice. With the water-cooled pump, the water-cooled 3d printing heat end can give full play to the heat dissipation effect.
Rapido (extreme speed series): it is the fastest printing product in Antisky - Phaetus, and its maximum speed can reach 75 (mm3/s)
Taichi (Taiji Series): it is a mixed color series 3D print head, which is the preferred choice for mixed printing.


Printing Flow (mm3/S): <20

Temperature Resistance(C):500

Material Process:High strength and high conductivity plated copper
  Hexahedron hardened steel
High quality brass alloy

Applicable material:Compatible with all filaments , including : PLA , ABS, PETG , TPU , PP , PC , Nylon , PEEK, PEI , and composite materials containing abrasive additivessuch as carbon fiber , steel , wood , boron carbide, tungsten and phosphorescent pigment

Application Models:all V6 hotend interfaces
                                     Prusa 13 MK3 / MK3S
                                     Titan extruders
                                     BMG extruders

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