Antinsky Super Clear UV Resin Crystal Like for 405nm DLP/LCD 3D Printer Resist Yellowing Highly Transparent High Tenacity Low Shrink High Precision (Super Clear, 1kg)



Antinsky Super Clear Resin

Antinsky is a world-renowned 3D printing supplier, and its agent brands such as creality, Phrozen, anycuc, elegoo, eSUN, polymaker and other brand products sell well all over the world. At the same time, after years of research and development, Antinsky high-end 3D printing resin was launched in 2022, including high-precision 8K resin, high toughness resin, high-temperature resin, Dental Guide resin, dental mold resin, cast jewelry resin, cast dental resin, high transparency resin, with the characteristics of easy printing, high precision, low shrinkage, and high cost performance.

Glass resin technology is a process in which resin and glass fiber as the main raw materials are processed and cured into products


1.Products with good mechanical properties, good transparency and luster, small shrinkage and other characteristics, suitable for the production of transparent crafts

2.Its transparency is as clear as crystal

3.Easy to operate, can be placed in the middle of the product insect specimens, dried flowers, shells, pictures, crafts

4.Can be added in resin appropriate color essence, imitation glaze, imitation jade, agate powder, imitation white marble

5.Its biggest advantage is good hard, invulnerability to breakage and applicable production of crystal lamps, chandeliers, crystal light, crystal crafts, crystal gifts, crystal trophy, crystal vase, crystal inside carving, crystal car model LouMo, crystal perfume bottle, crystal ashtray, crystal vase, hotel supplies, crystal stationery business card machine, crystal ball, crystal key ring, crystal animals, flowers, such as transparent products.

6.The ratio with curing agent is 0.5-2% promoters 1‰-3%.

Safety Caution:

This product should be stored in a cool place, not exposed to the sun. It shall not coexist with reducing substances such as alkaline substances and metal accelerators. In particular, it shall not be stored and transported together with cobalt promoters (Lan shui). this product should avoid high temperature and exposure in transportation, do not squeeze, to prevent leakage.

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