Antinsky Dental mold resin Dental Model for DLP LCD resin 3d printer 405nm 1kg High precision and low shrinkage High Temperature


Colours: Beige
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Antinsky Dental mold resin Beige

Antinsky is a world-renowned 3D printing supplier, and its agent brands such as creality, Phrozen, anycuc, elegoo, eSUN, polymaker and other brand products sell well all over the world. At the same time, after years of research and development, Antinsky high-end 3D printing resin was launched in 2022, including high-precision 8K resin, high toughness resin, high-temperature resin, Dental Guide resin, dental mold resin, cast jewelry resin, cast dental resin, high transparency resin, with the characteristics of easy printing, high precision, low shrinkage, and high cost performance.

Antinsky Dental Mold resin used for printing 3D orthodontic dental molds, trays and surgical guides. Specifically for dental professionals, such as dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and dental technicians, 3D printing dental resin 808 is used to print dental molds, trays and surgical guides.

 Applicable 3d printers: LCD 3D printer and DLP 3D printer with LED light source wavelength of 365nm-405nm.

01 low shrinkage
Designed to reduce volume shrinkage, it ensures the dimensional stability of the printing model.

02 high precision
Dental resin accessories have good sharpness, can capture subtle features, and can closely fit with the diaphragm.

03 high temperature resistance
The cured model has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and the thermal deformation temperature reaches 130 ℃, which is convenient for dentists to use in high-temperature sterilization.

04 excellent physical performance
The cured model has smooth surface, excellent mechanical strength and hardness, with a hardness of 90d, which can be tapped and polished.

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