Antinsky Washable Rigid 8k Photopolymer Resin for DLP LCD Resin 3D Printer 405nm High Precision Low Shrinkage High Speed Curing High Strength Easy to Clean High Accuracy Light Gray 1kg

Colours: Light Gray



Antinsky Washable Rigid 8k resin

Antinsky is a world-renowned 3D printing supplier, and its agent brands such as creality, Phrozen, anycuc, elegoo, eSUN, polymaker and other brand products sell well all over the world. At the same time, after years of research and development, Antinsky high-end 3D printing resin was launched in 2022, including high-precision 8K resin, high toughness resin, high-temperature resin, Dental Guide resin, dental mold resin, cast jewelry resin, cast dental resin, high transparency resin, with the characteristics of easy printing, high precision, low shrinkage, and high cost performance.

Antinsky Washable Rigid 8k resin is a high-precision resin, which can be directly cleaned with clean water (not soapy water). Property class ABS, suitable for LED light source wavelength 365nm-405nm printer.

 Applicable 3d printers: LCD 3D printer and DLP 3D printer with LED light source wavelength of 365nm-405nm.

01 low shrinkage
Antinsky photosensitive resin is specially designed to reduce volume shrinkage during UV curing and ensure high precision and surface finish of printing models. It is suitable for printing models of high-precision assembly parts.

02 high speed curing
Washable series resins can achieve very fast layer curing time, with a layer thickness of 25-300 microns, easy demoulding, tensile fracture resistance, and a speed of 1-2 seconds!

03 high precision
The hardness of the cured model reaches 81D, which has superior hardness and durability. It is an ideal choice for fixtures or fixtures requiring high strength.

04 high strength
Washable series resins have excellent mechanical strength and impact strength, which can be tapped directly.

05 high elongation
The material has excellent elongation at break, and the printed model is not easy to break, ensuring the success rate of printing.

06 good stability
The color of washable series resin will not be layered, discolored or caked after long-term storage. The printed model has strong durability and the resin warranty is 12 months.

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