BLT A160 SLM 3D PRINTER Metal AM Machine Exclusive Equipment for Titanium Oral Stents & CoCr Denture


Style: Deposit
販売価格$5,000.00 通常価格$120,000.00


BLT A160 SLM 3D PRINTER Metal AM Machine for Dental


The deposit is 5000USD Please communicate the final price with customer service.

BLT is World Leading Metal AM technologies Solutions Provider. was founded in July, 2011. Today, BLT is a leading metal additive manufacturing solution provider in the world. The company currently employs more than 1100 employees, 21.7% of them hold a master or above degree and 30.3% are R&D Personnel. Over 10 million RMB are invested in R&D annually. 

BLT-A160 is a metal 3D printer specially developed for the dental field. It has the characteristics of high 3D printing accuracy and high speed.

Supporting Materials: Co-Cr Alloy, Titanium Alloy
Forming Size:160mm×160mm×100mm(W×D×H)
Laser Power:200W/500 W(Optional)


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