BlueCast Original LCD/DLP 500g high quality castable resin for LCD and DLP 3d printer


販売価格$125.00 通常価格$135.00


BlueCast  Original LCD/DLP high quality castable resin for LCD and DLP 3d printer

BC Original is the most famous BlueCast resin. It is 100% ash-free in order to get perfect casting quality in jewelry manufacturing. BC BlueCast is available in different formulation for LCD/DLP and SLA machines and it is suitable for: Academy ring, Big pendent, Chevalier ring, Medals and Coins, Religious gold art, Solid bracelet, Engagement and wedding ring. BlueCast Original “is a Just cast it resin”. BlueCast was the first world castable resin don't need UV curing.

Main features:

  • Suitable for fast and standard burnout cycle
  • Safe for health and no smell
  • Developed for the professional jewellery production
  • Exceptional weldability with wax sprues as all BC castable resins
  • No need for post-curing

Compatible with: all LCD printers like Wanaho D7Anycubic 3dPhrozen Shuffle, Micromake L2, X-Cube, Xayav V etc. (405 nm with 30 watt led or higher power) and with all LED UV DLP printers like as Asiga, 3DS Project 1200, Kudo Titan 2, Miicraft, Ember, B9 (black resin profile) etc.

Washing mode: Ethyl / IPA alcohol 30 seconds _ Drying with compressed air

UV cure: 30 - 60 min. When completed, the print come white

Shrinkage: Low

Tank bottom: FEP

Color: Green

Size: 500 g


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