Creality Ender-3 S1 Plus FDM 3D Printer with 300*300*300 mm Larger Build Volume 150mm/s for FDM 3D Printer


販売価格$399.00 通常価格$529.00


Creality Ender-3 S1 Plus  3D Printer
Ender-3 S1 Plus 3D printer, Large size, CR Touch Auto leveling, "Sprite" Dual gear near End Extruder!

Print size: 300*300*300mm

· Body size: 557*535*682mm

· Nozzle temperature: 260℃

· Screen: 4.3-inch touch screen

· Printing mode: Type-C USB/TF card

· Printing speed: 100mm/s

· Supported consumables: PLA/ABS/TPU95/PETG

· Model support: CR Touch automatic leveling, 'Sprite' dual gear proximal extruder, dual Z-axis design


The creative molding size is upgraded to 300*300*300mm, which brings larger printing size and better enjoy the molding experience brought by large size. From now on, you can print larger models to meet various printing needs, and the printing production capacity is also higher.

"Spirit" double gear proximal extruder,a new self-developed "Spirit" all-metal double gear proximal extruder, adopts chrome steel double gear extrusion, 1:3.5 gear reduction ratio, extrusion force up to 80n, strength to ensure smooth material advance and exit compatible with a variety of consumables, printing tpu and other flexible consumables effect is very excellent. The Sprite is lighter, less inertial and more accurate than other near-end extruders.

CR Touch 16-point automatic leveling, say goodbye to the leveling trouble, using self-developed CR Touch 16-point automatic leveling technology, automatic leveling system can automatically compensate the printing height of different points of the hot bed, fast leveling, easy to use.

The 4.3-inch LCD touch screen with a strong sense of science and technology is equipped with an efficient and simple UI interface to make the operation easier. At the same time, it supports 9 languages switching and the screen automatically darkens in 3 minutes, which is energy saving and environmental protection and meets the needs of different users

Precision synchronous double Z axis printing precision is higher,Z axis double screw +Z axis double motor, synchronous and coordinated linkage, more stable operation, reduce the co-vibration produced in the printing process, printing more accurate and stable, printing quality improvement.




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