ANTINSKY DH12 Large FDM 3D printer Large printing size 1000*1000*1200CM Nylon PEEK Constant Temp big 3d printer large impresora 3d



                                               Antinsky DH12 Large 3D printer

Antinsky electronics technology Co, Ltd was founded in31th Dec, 2014. It's a forerunner of massive production and thereasearch and development for the domestic FDM and SLA 3Dprinters.

Innovative technologies
- Constant chamber temperature, max can reach 60℃
- High temperature nozzle, max can reach 420℃
- Auto leveling (3d touch/ bltouch)
- Industrial control system (more smart for 3d printing)

60C constant temperature chamber

Industrial grade 3d printer with the constant temperature chamber, it can print more filament, such as ABS, PEI, ASA, PC, NYLON, etc..

Auto leveling for machine platform

- 4 roller rods independent control
- Real auto leveling
- 3d/BL touch
420C high temperature nozzle 
The proximal filament feeding can print soft filament.
With high temperature nozzle, you can print more kind of filaments.

Thickening metal shell for industrial grade 3d printer

- 0-200mm/s fast printing speed
- Noiseless driver, printing is noiseless
- 6

DH series machine printing different kind of filament

Usually, we recommend to custom made add constant temperature enclosure for printing ASA, ABS, PC, PEI, etc..
0C chamber temperature

Auto resume from power off

When it occurs the power off in printing process, it will save the printing progress and then continue to print when open the machine.

High accuracy leveling

Tempered glass platform with an unique 64 points leveling to print large format models easier!

Printing size :
Movement of X&Y axis:
High precision Module
Movement of bed:
4x screw rods & 4x roller rods
Hot bed material:
6mm tempered glass + silicon rubber heater with digital temperature controller
Hot bed temperature:
100℃(optional 150℃)
Nozzle size :
Nozzle temperature:
0-420 ℃
Chamber temperature:
0-60 ℃
Operation interface:
7” TFT full Color
Positional accuracy:
Layer accuracy:
Slicing software:
Dowell3d / Cura / or other similar software
Input format:
Filament diameter:
Standard functions:
3D/BL toch auto leveling, filament sensor, auto resume from power off, auto power off, nozzle anti-collision

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