DoWell DM1220-16 3D Printer with large print size 1950*1200*1600 mm with high temperature nozzle 3D printer large industrial FDM 3D printer



DoWell DM1220-16 3D Printer

Specification of DOWELL3D DM Series Printer 

Product DOWELL3D Large 3D printer DM series
Frame 40mm aluminum section
Printing Bed 6mm tempered glass
Nozzle Diameter 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0mm
Nozzle Temperature 0-420℃
Bed Temperature 0-100℃
Location Accuracy 0.02mm
Layer Height Accuracy 0.04-0.6mm
Extrusion Flow Rate Max 18mm³/s, 80g/hour
Operation Firmware R&D Based on Klipper
Operation Interface 7''full color touch screen
Filament Available 1.75mm PLA,PETG,ASA,ABS,PVA,TPU,WOOD,CF, etc.
Connection SD Card/U Disk/WI-FI
Input Power 110/220V
Movement of X&Y axis
High precision linear rail
Basic Functions

*Auto leveling *Filament sensor *Auto power off 

*Remote control *Wi-fi connection *Visible printing status 

*Visible temperature graph *Installable external camera *Configuration editable 

*Z-offset adjust-ment 

*Speed&extrusion&cooling adjustment

*Gcode viewer *History record *Emergency stop button


*150℃ Heating bed

*60℃ Enclosure

*Dual extruder

*Customize printing size


Dowell 2021 series 3D plastic printer

DM SERIES SELF-DEVELOPED 3D printer large industrial

Standard 420℃ high temperature nozzle

DM1220-16: (printing area)1950*1200*1600MM


Advantages of Dowell 3D printer industrial

1, Large format 3D printing machine

2, high-temperature nozzle which can reach 420℃

3, noiseless operating

4, auto leveling

5, high performance motherboard

6, brand power with good quality


1, DM series dowell 3d printer with a metal structure, printing more stable.

 2, our ABS 3d printer with a stable platform and industrial-grade linear rail.

 3, Noiseless driver(working noise around 60dB) & powerful motor

4, Tank chain & flexible wire

Using tank chain with special super flexible wire, the wires can withstand ten million times of bending.

The wires are neat and beautiful, stable and durable!

5, Tempered platform & high-temperature bed

The highest temperature can up to 100°!

6, High-temperature nozzle & proximal anti-collision

The highest nozzle temperature can reach 420℃!

We also have proximal feeder & nozzle anti-collision system.

(Custom made option: 1, Dual feeder & single nozzle; 2, Dual extruder)

Please notice: If custom made 1 and 2, there will occupied X axis space around 10cm.

If add dual feeder & single nozzle, the nozzle temp is 260℃.

7, Large-size screen (7 inch) 


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