DOWELL DH8 FDM 3D Printer Large Size 600*600*800mm High Precision Printing 3D Printer Machine for FDM Printer



                                               DOWELL DH8 3D Printer 

Luoyang Dowell electronics technology Co, Ltd was founded in31th Dec, 2014. It's a forerunner of massive production and thereasearch and development for the domestic FDM and SLA 3Dprinters.

DOWELL is committed to the market application of large 3Dprinter, which will provide efficient and affordable 3D printingplan for personnel, family, school and enterprises in order tomeet the requirement of each creativity for the benefit, quality and rapid forming.

At the same time ,we were authorized by   DOWELL  ,Under our (antinsky)management, the products sell well and have been praised by customers.

Large 3d printer Car Parts High Precision 3D impresora Printing Machine Industrial FDM 3D Printer
- The bed is supported by 4 screw rods
with more stability.
- Each set of screw
rod runs independently, leveling more
- BL/3D TOUCH auto leveling
- DH SERIES DH12: max printing area 1000*1000*1200mm
- High temperature nozzle can reach 420℃
- Metal shell with constant chamber temperature max reach 60C
- Optional configuration for machine

Product Name
Industrial grade 3d printer with metal shell
3d printing
Wooden box
Printing area 
60C constant temperature chamber
Auto leveling, resume from power off, auto power off, filament sensor
Standard single extruder

Large 3d printer Car Parts High Precision 3D impresora Printing Machine Industrial FDM 3D Printer

- Industrial-grade 3d printer with metal shell for 60C constant chamber temperature- Different printing area acceptable- Heating bed max to 100C
Innovative technologies
- Constant chamber temperature, max can reach 60C
- High temperature nozzle, max can reach 420C
- Auto leveling (3d touch/ bltouch)
- Industrial control system (more smart for 3d printing)
- Total printing area (printing area 1000*1000*1200MM)
- Multi protection (more stable for operate 3d printer)
420C high temperature nozzle 
The proximal filament feeding can print soft filament.
With high temperature nozzle, you can print more kinds of filaments.

Thickening metal shell for industrial grade 3d printer

- 0-200mm/s fast printing speed
- Noiseless driver, printing is noiseless
- 60C chamber temperature

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