Flsun SR Delta 3d printer D260*330mm silent driver SuperRacer 3d printing machine flsun 3d printer impressora 3d Drucker US EU RU UK CA stock ship


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Flsun SR Delta 3d printer D260*330mm super racer

Antinsky: Flsun is the most popular delta 3D printer at present, and its printing speed is three times that of ordinary i33d printer.


  1. HIGH SPEED PRINTING peed breakthrough, normal printing up to 150mm/s. The quality is also very good at the maximum speed of 200mm/s
  3. AUTO LEVELING Fast and precise automatic leveling , easy tostart printing
  4. 32bit Motherboard 168M high-performance 32-bit processor High computing speed , and with TMC2209 silent drive
  5. Filament dection. The printer will stop printingimmediately when the filamentare used up , and will continueprinting after the filament are replenished

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