Mosaic palette 3 / palette 3 pro multi-color 3d filament printing equipment for 3d printer


样式: Palette 3
販売価格$599.00 通常価格$699.00


Mosaic palette 3 / palette 3 pro multi-color 3d filament printing equipment


Mosaic is a high-tech 3D printing company, focusing on multi-color filament printing products. It is the only 3D printing device that can mix 8 colors. Compared with the dual extruder printer, this palette 3, palette 3 Pro can mix more colored filaments. At the same time, compared with rainbow 3D filament, it can configure the required colors more flexibly. In addition, it has strong flexibility and can be used with different 3D printers.

1. Multiple colours, infinite potential:Communicate your ideas with realistic, multi-color prints using Palette 3 / Palette 3 pro. Start printing in up to 4 different colors (Palette 3 pro: 8 colors) with no changes to your 3D printer.
2. Multi‑Material 3D Printing: Achieve high-quality, functional prints by combining flexible and rigid materials, or simplify prints with challenging overhangs using breakaway or soluble support.
3. 3rd Generation Splice Core: Experience Palette's 3rd generation splice core for fast, reliable splicing. Palette 3 strategically splices your filament at various points, and feeds this filament into your 3D printer.
4. Automate your filament: Let Palette 3/ Palette 3 pro take care of your long prints without any interruption. If a spool runs out, Palette will automatically splice to another spool and keep your print going.
5. A modern 3D printing experience: To create a more seamless experience, Palette 3 comes with built-in WiFi connectivity to connect your Palette and printer and to your computer.
6. Customize, Store and Slice: Experience a simple, powerful software suite. With our easy-to-use Canvas software you can slice, paint, stamp, and manage all your prints in the cloud.
7. Reliable, Plug and Play Material: While Palette 3 will work with most 1.75mm 3rd party filaments, Mosaic's tight tolerance PLA ensures the most reliable printing experience for your Palette 3 and printer.



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