Phrozen Beige-Flex 3D Printer Resin 0.5kg flexible TPU like 3d resin




Phrozen Beige-Flex 3D Printer Resin 0.5kg

As part of our standard resin collection, Phrozen Beige-Flex Resin has been specially designed for prototyping purposes. With its light color, this resin is also suitable for 3D printed figures as it is ideal for painting after the curing process.


  • 【Low Shrinkage & High Precision】 Phrozen Beige-Flex Resins are developed for low shrinkage and high precision printing.

  • 【Ideal for Miniatures】With its light color,  Beige-Flex is perfect as a base color, allowing makers to easily paint and add colors to finish their detailed designs. 

  • 【Wide Application】Printed parts are tough and resilient. Phrozen Beige-Flex Resins make them a perfect match not only for painted models but also for industrial applications.



  • Weight: 500g per bottle
  • Density: 1.1 g / cm3
  • Viscosity: 500-600 cps 
  • Surface Hardness: 68 Shore D
  • UTS: 12 MPa
  • EAB: 26 %
  • Tensile Modulus: 1132 MPa
  • Izod Notched Impact Strength: 5.3KJ/m2

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