Phrozen Cure Beam Post Curing UV Pen efficiently cures for 3D printers

date of delivery: 45days


Phrozen Cure Beam

Phrozen was founded by a group of Taiwanese 3D printing enthusiasts in 2016. We produce professional consumer-friendly 3D printers for industrial application, medical, and personal use.

After running successful Kickstarter campaigns, we have now expanded to the U.S., Europe, Japan, and South Korea, and more! Our clients include those in the dental industry, the jewelry industry, and those interested in creating digital models.

At the same time ,we were authorized by Phrozen ,Under our (antinsky)management, the products sell well and have been praised by customers.

Phrozen Cure Beam is ideal for curing 3D models that have to be assembled, making sure that the entire print can be attached seamlessly. Also, this handheld UV Curing device efficiently cures the insides of your 3D prints to ensure that all your 3D models have a longer lifespan.

With its compact size, Phrozen Cure Beam is extremely easy to store. You can easily store it in your home drawer, or even your work desk.


  • Read Cure Beam usage in the Sonic Mega 8K curing tutorial

  • User Manual

    • Content: Controller, 2 UV Pens, Power Adapter, and Safety Glasses
    • LED Specification: 405 nm
    • Product Weight: 500 g
    • Power Requirement: DC 7.5V;1A
    • Controller Weight: 177g
    • Controller Size: L7.5 x W6.5 x H2.5 cm
    • Controller Power: 5W
    • UV pen diameter: 1.0 cm
    • UV pen length: 6.2 cm
    • UV pen wire length: 50 cm
    • UV pen: 3W

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