QIDI TECH X-CF Pro Industrial fdm 3D Printer, Print Carbon Fiber&Nylon with QIDI Fast Slicer, Automatic Intelligent Leveling


Ship from: China
販売価格$1,199.00 通常価格$1,999.00



QIDI TECH X-CF Pro Industrial  3D Printer

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  1. Automatic leveling.  A new automatic intelligent leveling mode, using Korean laser module BL-touch, taking points up to 20 points to calculate the travel prime.
  2. PEI Plate. The printing plate using Pel material and has better adhesion, effectively solve the problem of printing model swarp and other problems
  3. Filament run out sensor. Print large-size models without worrying about running out of consumables
  4. Wifi connection. Wifi connection , lan printing , Intelligent networking ,saving time
  5. 5 inch HD capacitive display. 800 * 480 px 5 inch HD capacity display High resolution and clear display , smooth operation , giving you a unique touch experience .
  6. QIDI slice software. With the new upgraded software , it is more intelligent , especially provide more effective and accurate parameters for printing carbon fiber and nylon filaments , which can be used right out of the box

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