San Draw S200 Silicone 3D Printer 235*270*150mm silicone medical device prototyping


Style: Deposit
販売価格$5,000.00 通常価格$33,900.00


San Draw S200

The deposit is 5000USD. Please communicate the final price with customer service.

San Draw S200 3D Printer

Product Description:
S200 is a large-volume two-part silicone 3D printer, and it’s compatible with San Draw proprietary two-part silicone, which is biocompatible (ISO 10993 certified), flexible, and high-temperature resistant (up to 250℃)

Key Features & Specs:
1. Powered by San Draw patented FAM (Fluid Additive Manufacturing) technology.
2. Powered by San Draw proprietary software FAMufacture.
3. Compatible with San Draw proprietary two-part silicones.
4. Compatible with third party gel-like material such as hydrogel, food gel, and ceramic gel.
5. Strong and lightweight body with a large amount of CNC machined parts.
6. Build Size: 235 x 270 x 150 mm
7. Printer Size: 700 x 700 x 700 mm
8. Curb Weight: 60kg
9. XY Accuracy: ±02 mm
10. Layer Thickness: 0.01 ~ 0.2mm

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