TRONXY X5SA PRO FDM 3d printer Guide rail version 330*330*400mm Dual Z axis printers machines Ultra-quiet driver TITAN 3d printer



                                          TRONXY X5SA PRO 3d printer 

Tronxy was founded in 2015, specializing in the production of DIY 3d printers. X5sa-500 Pro is the most popular 500 mm DIY 3D printer

In 2019, it began to establish a cooperative relationship with Antinsky and began to sell in various stores of Antinsky.

At the same time ,we were authorized by TRONXY ,Under our (antinsky)management, the products sell well and have been praised by customers.


- This is DIY machine, shipped by different parts, 3D printing beginner to order carefully.

- Free SD card, sample filament are included.
- Install manual, video support link are included. Check the orange SD card reader after recieved.
- Removeable plate, heatbed are included.
- OEM order is welcome, if you have plan become a reseller in local, feel free contact us.
- If you have installation and quality problems, please contact our after-sales email as soon as possible:
- Please give a favorable good review, selling not easy.

X5SA PRO Main Features:

1). Ultra-quiet driver TMC2225
2). Stable atructure CoreXY FDM
3). Print size: 330*330*400mm
4). Dual Z axis
5). Resume print after power-off
6). Filament run-out detection
7). Auto leveling
8). Guide rail
9). TITAN extruder
Product Details Updated highlight sand functions High Pricision Guide RailSuper precision , super stability and long service life
Titan Extruder Printing TPU and other flexible filaments is no longer a problem
Auto leveling
Unique automatic leveling system , avoid leveling trouble
Filament run-out detection
Reduce accidents and avoidmodel printing interrupts
Power-off resume print
Ueffectively reduce the modelrejection caused by power failure
Core xy motion modes
Multiple synchronous belts , high molding accuracy , fast printing speed
TRONXY Slice software
Optimized the operation process , use more quickly
3OP Integrated wiring design
Wiring is simple and convenient ,making the machine appearancecleaner
ARM 32bit mainboard
3.5 inchtouch screenClear display and simple control
USB SD card connection Suitable for online andoffline printing
Safty 24v power supply
Faster heating , more stabletemperature , safe use
Detachable printing platform
Convenient for users to removethe model

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