TWOTREES TTS 5.5w 300x300mm mini cnc DIODE laser engraver cutting machine, Desktop Diy 3d laser engraving machine for Wood US EU RU local stock free shipping

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TWOTREES TTS engraving machine characteristics

US EU RU local stock free shipping


TWOTREES TTS advantage

Upgrade 1 

1, The structure and appearance of the main control box are changed to have a more hierarchical sense

2, Add silk screen logo on the interface.

3, add switch, convenient for users, reduce live plug.

Update 2

1, Add scale marks on the profile frame to facilitate users to measure the size and placement of carved items.

Update 3 

1, All t-nuts of the machine are cancelled, 60% of them are pre-installed in the factory, and direct tapping is used instead. Greatly improve the user assembly speed, the average assembly time is expected to be about 15 minutes, Summarize in 30 minutes.

2, add multi-level positioning column, suitable for focus debugging of different plate thickness.

3, the use of new injection tensioner, lightweight.

4, wiring structure optimization and upgrade, three brackets, add hard bellows, safety.

Update 4

1, laser head profile with large rounded corner, enhance the visual effect of the appearance.

2, unified use of new magnetic suction filter cover, function: dark red is the best filter effect, magnetic suction is easy to take down observation, unique smoke exhaust design.

3, new CNC, oxidation texture lifting device.

4. Reserve gas auxiliary mounting holes and upgrade with additional accessories.




Working Environment RHTemperature 5-40℃, Humidity 20-60%RH
Engraving Materials Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Sponge Paper, Alumina. stainless steel
Software Support Languages Chinese, English, Italian, French, German
Supported Software  LaserGRBL (Windows), Lightburn (Common)
Laser Wavelength 445±5 nm
Simple and safe wiring performance Wiring above hard pipe, simple and safe
main board ESP32 has WiFi function, supports offline operation of mobile APP and PC, online USB operation, active safety and fire protection function. 

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