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Antinsky Wash and Cure smart for resin 3d printer 

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Antinsky wash and cure smart is a washing and curing device for resin 3D printer launched by JZCX company.Unlike other devices on the market, this is a portable kit that is easy to carry and does not take up space. You can wash and cure large-scale print models.

How to use Antinsky Wash and cure Smart?

1. Washing: Prepare a clean container and pour 95% alcohol. Put in the model and the cleaning head (warning: the bubble generator can not enter water), and plug in the plug. According to the condition of the model, finish the cleaning after several minutes and unplug the plug. And pour the alcohol back into the bottle (Note: used alcohol should not be mixed with clean alcohol).

Ultrasonic cleaning adopts high-frequency vibration cleaning principle + bubble explosion cleaning principle. The two modes switch automatically every 15 seconds. The power will be cut off and shut down automatically after 15 minutes. Power off for 5 minutes before continuing to use.

2. Curing: put the turntable on the printer and put the model on it, or put it on the table. Put on the model (the weight limit of the model is 2kg). Clamp the UV lamp, adjust the lighting position, turn on the switch. Cover the cover of the UV curing 3D printer (warning: it is strictly prohibited to use the cover of the non UV curing 3D printer. It is strictly prohibited to use it without the cover. Only the special cover of the UV curing printer can block 99.9% UV) According to the model, turn off the switch after a few minutes. If the model is large, adjust the position of the lamp cap and conduct secondary curing.

3. Secondary cleaning. Sometimes there is still oil on the surface of the model after curing. Secondary cleaning can be carried out with 95% alcohol.



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