Anycubic photon ultra DLP resin 3d printer 102.4*57.6*165mm high-precision durability 3d printing machine

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Anycubic photon ultra DLP resin 3d printer

Antinsky:Anycubic is a comprehensive 3D printer brand, covering resin 3D printer and FDM 3D printer. Compared with Creality, they are better at resin (LCD) 3D printer. Their photon mono and mono X and UV resins sell very well.

Anycubic photon Ultra:It is a first desktop DLP 3d printer in the 3D printer market. It enjoys ultra-high precision printing quality and long durability at the price of LCD 3d printer, and will win a considerable market.

Technical Specifications
System:ANYCUBIC Photon Ultra
Operation :2.8 inch Touch Screen
Slicer:ANYCUBIC Photon workshop
Connectivity : USB

Print Specifications
Technology : DLP ( Digital Light Processing
Light source : DLP optical projector
Resolution: 1280-720
XY resolution: 80um ( 0 . 080mm)
Z Axis Res:0 . 01mm
Layer Res:0 . 01-0 . 15mm
Print speed : 1 . 5S / layer Max 60mm / h
Rated power : 12 W

Physical Dimension
Printers size : 222 mm ( L ) 227 mm ( W ) 383 mm ( H )
Build Volume : 102.4 mm ( L ) 57 . 6 mm ( W ) 165mm ( H )
Net Weight:4kg


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