Biqu Hurakan Support Wifi Klipper Silent Printing Filament Run-out Sensor Fdm 3d Printer For 3d Models

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BIQU 3D Printer
Get Start Quickly
Thanks to the modular design , assembling the printer is fast and fun
Klipper is Ready
Klipper , a huge leap in 3D printer firmware , has been pre-installedon Hurakan . So you don'f have to deal with complicated installationprocedures but enjoy speed , precision , and convenience .
The M4P + CB ] board enables Hurakan to run Klipper in aninnovative way , and it also supports Marlin
Enjoy Wireless Printing
Thanks to the built-in Wifi module , it is easier for users to print ,pause , check the printing progress , and adjust the temperatureof the nozzle on different terminal platforms
Choose the Part to Heat Energy saving and environmentally friendly
100w for the central part of the bed
240W for the whole bed
BIQU Microprobe
The self-developed auto leveling sensor , mini-sized , 6g superlightweight , will add almost no weight to the extruder but offersigh precision leveling capability .
Quiet 3D Printing
Thanks to the TMC2209 , an ultra-silent motor driver C , the printingnoise can be significantntlyeduce
Filament Runout Seneor
With the filament runout sensor , the printer will automatically pausea print if filaments run out or break , saving time and filaments
Upgradable ? Definitely !
With BIQU 3Dprinter accessories , you can turner enhancethe 3D printing experience
Work with the H2 Series Extruder
Our direct drive extruder makes 3D printingwith flexible filaments a breeze
Get a colorful display , easy-to-read data , and easierand more convenient operation . significantlyenhance the user experience of Klipper firmware
BIQU Dual Z-axes Upgrade Kit
To improve printing quality ,get more precise prints
Work with BIQU Camera
Monitoring your 3d printingprojects wirelessly .

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