CREALITY CR-6 SE 3D Printer 235*235*250 With 32 Bit Silent Mainboard Self-levelling Dual Z-Axis 3D Drucker

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Antinsky:CR-6 SE has a versatile modular nozzle that is quite easy forcomponent parts replacement, saving more time and effort innozzle maintenance. When disabling the nozzle, users canchange heat block, heat sink, Teflon tube, or the nozzle tip



Desktop 3D Printer:CR-6 SE 3D Printer Kit, 235*235*250mm print size, with 4.3 inch HD color touchscreen. Patented leveling-free system is designed to truly achieve hassle-free and intelligently automatic platform leveling.

Stable Z-axis & Timing Belt:Great stability and balance ensured by dual Z-axis and timing belt, reducing vibrations on Z-axis and achieving smooth movement and fine results.

Innovative Nozzle Design:Molding-in-one nozzle and extruder are redesigned with upgraded heat sink, heat block, greatly improving the heating and cooling efficiency.

Powerful Function:Support power failure resume printing and broken filament detection, the printer will resume printing in breakpoint after power off, greatly improves the success rate of printing model.

Silent Motherboard & Carborundum Platform:Equipped with self-developed silent motherboard, CR-6 SE is capable of voltage control, smooth movement, and silent printing. Carborundum hotbed with excellent thermal performance promotes quick heating up, strong adhesion and easy removal for prints.

Wide Compatibility and Application:Compatible with various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA, ABS, TPU, WOOD, etc; widely used in home decoration, toys, anime handicrafts, education, medical, etc.


Model: CR 6 SE
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Molding Technology: FDM
Operation: 4.3in Color Touchscreen
Printing Size: 235*235*250mm
Print Speed: 80-100mm/s
Print Resulution: ±0.1mm
Nozzle Temperature: ≤260℃
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm(Standard)
Languages: Chinese/English
Print Mode: Online Printing/SD Card
File Format: STL/OBJ/AMF
Supported Material: PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS/Wood
Slicer Software: Creality Slicer/Cura/Repetier-Host/Simplify3D
Motherboard: Silent Motherboard
Power Supply: AC Input 115V/230V, Output: 24V
Power Rating: 350W
Machine Size: 44.2 * 46.2 * 54cm/ 17.4 * 18.2 * 21.3in
Machine Weight: 9.5kg/ 20.9lb
Package Size: 52 * 50 * 26.5cm/ 20.5 * 19.7 * 10.4in
Package Weight: 13.5kg/ 29.8lb

CR-6 SE Packing List:

3D Printer Kit + 8G SD Card + 200G PLA Sample Filament


Antinsky:We will send corresponding plugs for different destination countries. If you have special needs, please confirm with us in advance.

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