Creality ender-2 pro 3d printer 165*165*180mm 3d printing machine with magnet bed impresora 3d ender2 pro

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                                 Creality ender-2 pro 3d printer 

Creality Ender-2 Pro, Released as an upgraded version of original Ender 2 in mid-2021, the Ender 2 Pro is a small-format (165x165x180mm print size) and with 3D printers with a cantilever X-axis.. Ender-2 Pro have a small footprint, is a small-format 3D printer in Creality Ender Series.

Ender-2 Pro 3D printer, fast assembly, easy operation, light and convenient!

· Print size: 165*165*180mm

· Body size: 421*383*465mm

· Nozzle temperature: 260℃

· Screen: 12864 knob screen

· Printing mode: Type-C USB/TF card

· Printing speed: 100mm/s

· Supported consumables: PLA/TPU/WOOD

· Model support: 4-step rapid assembly, Z-axis reinforcement design, integrated built-in power supply

Lightweight and convenient, the machine only weighs 4.65KG; Quick assembly, only need to tighten 7 screws to complete the assembly; Cantilever structure, fixed block holding, printing process is stable without shaking; Continue to beat the power failure, not afraid of the risk of power failure.

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