ELEGOO MARS 3 pro 4K MONO LCD resin 3D PRINTER 143*89.6*175mm Dental

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Antinsky: Elegoo, founded in 2015, is a representative enterprise in the field of resin 3D printer. Their LCD 3D printer Mars and Saturn sell very well.


New upgrades:

  • Mars 3 Pro comes with an impressive print speed and higher stability
  • Low energy consumption and heat emission extends the lifespan of the mono LCD
  • Non-slip heagon socket screw makes levelling easily
  • Sandblasting process makes the printed model better adhering to the build board
  • UV Effect Spray makes surface cleaning easier while improving corrosion resistance
  • Replaceable 9H hardness tempered glass protector to protect the Monochrome screen
  • Unique heat dissipation performance and light source guarantees high speed cooling
  • Mini Air Purifier Activated carbon has special properties that is to remove volatile organic compounds and chemical odors of resins which will bring better user experience.

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