Flsun Q5 3D Printer d200*200mm TMC 2208 silent driver Auto leveling 3D Printer Resume Pre-assembly 3D-Printers TFT 32bits board Kossel

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Flsun Q5 3D Printer  d200*200mm 


Flsun is the most popular delta 3D printer at present, and its printing speed is three times that of ordinary i33d printer.

Easy to assembly, only needs to install some screws and connect wires before the first printing. Higher speed printing and higher print quality.
32-Bit motherboard, new upgrade controller and program, with independent MOS module, more stable and durable, keep the printer high speed printing.
Easy leveling, automatically detect 27 points, supports real-time adjust and real-time compensation of nozzle height. Resume printing function, don't worry about power outages, when the power is restored, the printer will continue to print from the interruption point.
With touchscreen, new user UI, full Color. With TMC2208 silent driver, stay away from noise. extruder, supports flexible filaments, extruded filaments are more uniform. Strong adhesion, easy to take the model when the platform is cooled.
Φ200*200mm large printing size, support various 1.75mm diameter printing filaments like ABS,PLA,HIPS,etc. Widely used in toy, architecture, furniture, education, daily necessities and other fields.

Brand: FLSUN
Model: FLSUN Q5
Frame: Metal Structure
Plug: US
Voltage: 100-240V
Extruder Quantity: One
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Nozzle Support: Replaced to 0.2/0.3mm
Printing Speed: 30-120mm/s
Layer Thickness: 0.05mm-0.4mm
Printing Size: Φ200*200mm
Nozzle Temperature: 0-260℃
Heated Bed Temperature: 0-100℃
Screen: Full Color Touchscreen
Leveling Method: One-click auto leveling
Printing Format: G-CODE, OBJ, STL
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Filament: Support PLA, ABS, Flexible, HIPS, WOOD, PVA
Working Mode: Online or TF card offline printing
Machine Size: 32.0 * 32.0 * 71.5cm / 12.6 * 12.6 * 28.1in
Machine Weight: 7kg / 15.4lbs
Package Size: 35.0 * 16.0 * 64.0cm / 13.8 * 6.3 * 25.2in
Package Weight: 8.5kg / 18.7lbs

4GB TF card is included.
10 meters PLA filament is included.

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