Kings 3035Pro 3D SLA Printer Industry Prototype 300mm*350mm*350m print size for 3D SLA printing

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Kings 3035Pro
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Shenzhen Jinshi 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional SLA3D printer manufacturers, is committed to promoting the 3D printing technology market applications, to provide customers with professional 3D print service solutions.Jinshi as an industrial-grade 3D printer leading brand, its 3D printing equipment and raw materials R & D and manufacturing base, professional custom 3D printing service agencies. In 2008, Jinshi into the 3D printing industry, and the rapid development. 2012 in Shanghai to set up 3D printer equipment production base. 2016 in Shenzhen built a standardized, large-scale production base of 3D printing equipment, and began to diversify the 3D printing materials R & D and production.Jinshi research and development of laser 3D printer is an industrial grade rapid prototyping equipment, using the SLA light curing technology, through the laser scanning liquid photosensitive resin, photosensitive reaction to layer by layer curing process. Over the years, KINGS 3d printer is widely used in the first board, model, mold, medical, automotive, lighting, industrial parts, musical instruments, construction, ceramics and other fields, to help thousands of enterprises.

Industrial SLA 3D Printer Kings-3035 Pro
Scale prototyping and production as your business grows with the Kings-3035Pro, an affordable, industrial SLA 3D printer that
consistently delivers.

SLA 3D printer, also known as stereo lithography 3D printer, or laser 3D printer. SLA is an abbreviation of "Stereo Lithography Apparatus", which is an abbreviated form of stereo lithography.

Technical principle
Focusing on the surface of the photocurable material with a laser of a specific wavelength and intensity, from point to line, from
line to surface solidification, complete a level of drawing operation, then move the lifting table vertically in the height of a
layer, and then solidify Another level. This layer stacking constitutes a three-dimensional entity. SLA is the first practical
rapid prototyping technology, using liquid photosensitive resin raw materials.


Apparatus Size(without display):
Rated Dissipation
Apparatus Weight
about 780kg

Laser Type:
Nd: YV04 Solid Laser
Wave Length
Minimum Power to Liquid Level≥300mW

Coating Mode
Intelligent Position Vacuum Recoating
Normal Layered Thickness
Rapid Build Layered Thickness
Precise Build Layered Thickness:
Special Build Layered Thickness:

Light Spot(diameter @1/e2):
0.06-0.8mm(Varible Beam)
Scanning Mode
Germanic Galvanometer Scanner
Parts Scanning Speed:
Maximum 15.0m/s

Vertical Resolution Ratio
Repeat Positioning Accuracy

First Tank Weight:
about 76kg
Forming Material:
Photosensitive Resin
Resin Heating Method:
Bottom Heating with Silicone Rubber

Machine Control Software
KING3D Control Software
Device Software Interface
3D Design Software, STL File Format

Current Source
200-240VAC 50/60Hz, Single Phase,10A
Ambient Temperature
Relative Humidity
<40%,Frost Free Knot

Printing Materials:

Committed to innovation, independent research, and development, self-production and marketing, high-quality achievements. KINGS has an independent 3D printer laboratory and independent research and development system and has core technical personnel. Now we have established a perfect integrated production and marketing model of 3D printing material design, research, and development, production and sales. The company has realized the strict quality guarantee of 3D printing materials from research and development to production and the diversification of materials provides customers with more options.
Resin Model
Material Features
Resin Color
ABS-Like resin(Finish product similar to ABS)
Delicate surface, temperature resistance 45ºC, good toughness
Temperature resistance 65ºC, moistureproof, good strength, and accuracy in humid condition
Delicate surface, good solidity, temperature resistance 55ºC
PMMA like resin(Finish product similar to PMMA)
Transparent, moistureproof & shrinkage proof, temp resistance 60ºC, toughness 15% lower than KS408
Silicone Like Resin(Finish product is soft)
Low viscosity, high flexibility, and high accuracy
Our Advantages

True-to-CAD Accuracy and Surface Finish

360 degree printing regardless of the constructure complexity of the design. Fabricates small and medium-sized parts up to 300 mm x 350 mm x 350 mm with 0.05 mm accuracy, the highest among our printers, and with surface roughness as low as 0.05 μm. These standard tolerances out perform those of injection-molding and can even compete with CNC.

Outstanding Printing Speeds and support batch printing

Equipped with a top of the line galvanometer optical system by ScanLab Germany, the Kings-3035 SLA 3D printer displays top scanning speed and enhances 30-50% production efficiency significantly.

Wide Choice of Materials

A selection of over 10 different photosensitive resins with unique characteristics for functional prototypes and low-volume manufacturing, and helps to save more than 50% cost.

No noise, Low power Consumption, More Eco-friendly

No noise and maximum power consumption is less than 2KW. There will be no dust or heavy metal pollution, thus offers the workers a healthier environment.

Easy to operate, 24-hours unmanned intelligence

The Kings control software is very user-friendly. The automatic production needs no guard, which saves up to 60% of the labor cost compared to CNC machining

Printer Application
Kings 3D printers have been well received by many industries, including prototyping, shoe, automobile, architeture, art&craft, ceramics, medical application, etc. (We are the first 3D printer manufacturer to provide professional solutions for Shoe mould industry.)

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