Panda P2 3D Dental Scanner with High Quality and efficient 3D scanner for Intraoral Scanner

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Panda P2
The ZD-P2 is a high-perfor-mance scanner. It is veryfast and provides a smoothscanning experience. It canbe considered one of thebest chinese scanners onthe market. The scanningprocess is efficient, and the All is excellent
ZD-P2 Size Ergonomics
The Panda2 is super ergonomic. It fits comfortably in theuser's hand and has a narrow scanning tip that makes itenjoyable to scan withThe scanner weighs 246 grams, meaning it is one of thelighter scanners on the market the exact dimensions ofthe scanner are 216 mm x 40 mm x 36 mm, making it oneof the smallest intraoral scanners on the market in 2022and one of the lightest.
Configuration is introduced
Language select different languages as you need andonly English and chinese are supported now.

Tooltips Select whether to display the prompt box. "Yes"a prompt box is displayed in the lower leftcorner during scanning. "No: there is no prompt boxduring scanning.

Music Type: Select the type of music when scans, and itincludes three types: fast/slowlnone

Data format: Select the default format for the output data,and there are three formats are supported:STY/PLY texture/PLY color

Frame Rate: two options for the frame rate when scans

Path Name Format Including eight formats for the nameof the files output and users can select one asneed

Small and Lightweight

The miniature body is lightweight and can be operated in small oral environments, making scanning easier

Automatic calibration

The automatic five-dimensional calibrator only needs one-key operation, which perfectly realizes complex and high-precision calibration operations, which is more convenient and intelligent.

Convenient operation

The software has powerful functions and an intuitive and friendly interface, which is convenient for users to learn and use.

AI intelligence Gaze scanning

using continuous stereo photography with high precision. Video-type dynamic gaze intraoral scanning, high-speed 3D imaging, natural anti-shake.intelligent tracking technology, quickly scanning.

Multi-specification scanning head

suitable for complex cases in the mouth, the scanning head has a built-in anti-fog function, which can withstand multiple high-pressure steam sterilization for safe prevention and control.

True color without powder spraying

no need to spray powder on the teeth, improve patient comfort, present high-definition true color images in the mouth in real time, and communicate more efficiently between doctors and patients.

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