Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 resin 3D Printer 134*75*200mm 3d printing machine use for dental lab

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Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 resin 3D Printer 134*75*200mm

Antinsky: Phrozen is one of the world's best-selling resin printer brands. It focuses on lcd 3d printing technology and is always famous for high-precision printing. It is the first to withdraw from 4K, 8K and large-size resin printing as a leading 3D printer product in the industry. 

Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022: Designed for the dental industry, Sonic 4K 2022 allows you to print precise dental models faster than ever before. The dental 3D printer comes with the dental 3D printing slicer software, Dental Synergy Slicer, which has simplified the dental workflow with its easy-to-use interface. That’s not all. The Sonic 4K 2022 is also equipped with a heater and air purifier system to enhance your entire 3D printing experience and reduce 3D printing failures. 

Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022

  • Adjustable light intensity to boost print efficiency.
  • Add-on heater for high-quality, stable 3D prints.
  • No need to print from scratch after a power outage.
  • Equipped with an air purifier to clear up resin fumes.
  • Specialized door buffer to increase printer lifespan.

Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022

  • System: Phrozen OS
  • Operation: 5in Touch Panel
  • Slicer Software: Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer
  • Connectivity: USB   | Ethernet | WIFI
  • Technology: Resin 3D Printer - LCD Type
  • Light Source: 405nm ParaLED Matrix 3.0
  • XY Resolution: 35µm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.30mm
  • Printing Speed: 90mm/ hour
  • Power Requirement: AC100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Printer Size: L25 x W25 x H33 cm
  • Print Volume: L13.4 x W7.5 x H20 cm
  • Printer Weight: 20kg

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