Sense Pro Handheld 3D Scanner Portable 3D Modeling Scanner High Precision Accuracy 0.3mm Support OBJ/STL/PLY Output

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Sense Pro Handheld 3D Scanner



Professional 3D Scanner: The lens chip adopts the latest structured light 3D sensing chip CS02, with a single scanning accuracy of 0.3mm, which is far higher than the accuracy level of 1mm in daily consumption. It can scan black objects, including hair.

Simple Operation: Hand-held scanning, the perfect 75.55 degree design of the handle arc is more ergonomic; Humanized one-key operation, one hand can complete and stop scanning, start and pause at any time, and you can cancel the subsequent sweep and scan it again if there is a split-layer or overlap in the scan.

Safe to Use: In line with international strict technical standards, using Class 1 eye safe infrared structured light, the power is less than 0.4MW low output, which can be equal to the natural light in the infrared level, harmless to the human eye, ensuring no radiation damage.

3 Scanning Methods: Fixed scanning, marker scanning and feature scanning. Truly one machine, multipurpose, so that you calmly respond to different use of the environment and requirements.

Wide Scanning Range: Capture life in a three-dimensional way, whether it's graduation season, wedding, vacation or travel, all your feelings can be displayed in the way of 3D model. It is widely used in 3D printing, animation design, industrial design, modeling and so on.

3D Stitching Algorithm: The software supports a variety of stitching methods to make scanning easier; The adaptive stitching algorithm for Feature scan mode can quickly scan the portrait and correct the deformation of the portrait in the scanning process. Equipped with withdrawing function at any time.



Model: Sense Pro
Technology: Dual Camera Infrared Structured Light
Single Capture Accuracy: Max 0.1mm
Volumetric Accuracy: High Accuracy Mode-0.3mm/m
Single Capture Range: 210mm x 130mm
Working Distance: 200-800mm
Minimum Scan Volume: 50x50x50mm
Depth Image Size: 640 x 400 px
Color Image Size: 1920 x 1080 px
Depth Resolution: 640,000 dots/SEC
Scan Speed: 10fps
Laser: Infrared (Eye-Safe)
Alignment: Feature Alignment, Marker Alignment
Output Format: STL, PLY, OBJ
Texture Scan: Yes
Special Object Scanning: For The Transparent And Highly Reflective Objects, Please Spray Powder Before Scanning
Outdoor Scanning: Cover Is Needed To Avoid Interference Of Strong Light
Required Configuration: Windows 8/10, 64-bit Configurations
Scanner Weight: 380g
Scanner Size: 129x178x33mm
Package Size: 31x25.3x7.8cm/12.2x10x3.1in
Package Weight: 714g/25.2oz


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Packing list

1 x 3D Scanner
1 x Storage Base
1 x Tripod
1 x USB3.0 Micro Cable
1 x Manual


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