SUNLU New S8 Pro FDM 3D Printer 310x310x400mm Printing Size High Precision Printing 3D Printer Machine

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SUNLU S8 Pro 3D Printer
China's leading 3D printing manufacturer
With 9 years of experience in foreign trade export,our products are sold to 170+ countries and regions in the world
120+ Independent Intellectual
Property RightsPatent solutions are connected making salestruly worry-free
Full Coverage of 3D Printed Products
We offer one-stop 3D printing products to meetyour marketing needs while reducing the laborCosts Of purchasing
S8 PRO Upgraded s8 Plus 3D Printer
Extra LargePrinting size
Low-noise Printing
Quick Assembly
Integrated structure design
A stable, safe and practical 3D printer
Metallic Design Integrated Metal Body
More functions have been added on the basisof remaining the original appearance
Integrated Structure Design Easy Assembly Four quick steps completing the assembly
STEP 1 Fix the sliding block on the right side of the gantry.
Use the slider that can befound in accesory bag 1
Find slider A, with its long sidefacing up
Push A into position of the gantryby using finger.
Continuosly push it until thebolt hole is same level as thewhite lin

STEP 2 Fix the screw on the left side of the gantry.

Use screw B that can befound in accessory bag 1

Slide the hotbed to the position ofscrew bolt B, move the gantry sothat the screw bolt A meets screwbolt b of the base(Position can be adjusted until fits.)

Found screw B

Lock the screw into position B

STEP 3 Fix the screws at the bottom of the gantry.

Use screw C in accessory bag 2

Apply foams on the desk, turn theprinter 9o degrees horizontally andplace it on the foam

Take out the screw C in screw bag 2move the wire on the printer by handuntil you find 4 screw bolts c

Lock the screw into position C

STEP 4 Material rack installation

Use screw D in accessory bag 3

Find material rack 13Find material rack 14Find screw C

Install the handing rod into the material rack 14into the direction shown in the figure.

Lock the screw into position D

STEP 5 Fix the material rack on the gantry.

Install the assembled consumablesbracket from top to bottom on the topof the gantry and align the bracketwith the screw hole D of the gantry

Take out the remaining 3 screws Din the screw bag 3 and lock theminto the 3 D positions as shown inthe figure

Non-contact process which is much more safer

Equipped with complete assembly accessories

Ideal v-groove Stable printing

S8 Pro uses V-groove pulleys, smooth movement,low noise, wear proof, and longer life span

Hotbed heating pad S8 Pro Newly added hotbed heating pad

The heating pad heats the platform more evenlywith better printing effect. More convenient todisassemble when printing is completed

Extra Large Printing Size

The s8 Pro has larger printing size comparedto other desktop 3d printers to give you abetter printing experience

Self-researched Mute silent motherboard

Do not cause much distruption norirratation during printing

Independant R&D extra quiet motherboard

Independant R&D extra queit motherboardguarantees smooth printingNoise produced during printing is lower than 55dbPower supply adapts to different voltage of 110V /230V

Smart sensor Resume Printing Function

The machine can automatically resume printingeven during power failure or disconnection.reducing the worries of printing failure

New Knob. Tightener

The XY axis tightener supports adjusting thebelt tighten, which is more convenient to adjustand reduce printing time while printing


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