BIQU BX 3D Printer with print size 250x250x250mm with touch screen 3d printing machine DIY impresora 3d drucker

Sale price$469.00


 BIQU BX 3D Printer
BIQU BX The FDM 3D printer has 211g direct extruderand BIGTREETECH'S best motherboardever , and integrated Octoprint
32bit 400MHZ motherboard for fasterComputational processing
Plug & play Raspberry Pi firmware expansion
3 control modes . one-click to swift
 7-inch HD display
Weight : 211g
Size : 35 * 35 * 60mm
Output torque : 770MN m
Filaments: PLA , PETG , TPU , TPE , ABS , Nylon
Nozzle & Heatbreak :Smoothness is up to Ra0 . 4
Using 0 . 9-degree steppingmotor , better accuracy

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