ESUN eEnclosure Drying box with Large size 65*76*72cm suitable ABS ASA PA-CF 3D filament

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ESUN eEnclosure
Founded in 2002, Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, a national strategic emerging industry new material project undertaker, and one of China's top ten biodegradable enterprises.


Large size 65*76*72cm & dual power outlet design, which can be adapted to most of the models; the internal temperature can be maintained around 36℃, which ease the printing shrinkage of ABS/ASA/PC/PA ; Water and moisture-proof aluminum foil and color-changing silicone desiccant can keep the box dry and prevent the material from absorbing water during the process which reduces the impact of the environment on the printing quality; Thermometer and hygrometer can help to check the date, make the desiccant replacement easier. The box needs no battery with a maintenance-free design.

Some materials have a pungent odor, the box can be sealed to isolate the odor, and it comes with a bamboo charcoal bag which can absorb a part of the irritating odor; The flame-retardant aluminum foil is fire-resistant and flame-retardant, which is a guarantee to personal safety;  Working printer can create noise, the sealed box design can keep the noise away to provide you a better working environment; It has large inlets with Velcro interface on the top and sides, which is convenient for material access; The large front and overhead observation window have a good light transmission, the printing can be seen at a glance; There is a large tool bag on the side to store the tools.

It is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it is convenient to fold and store when not in use.


Strong compatibility
Thermal insulation
Waterproof and moisture-proof

Isolate the smell
Noise reduction

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