Wisepro Aurora washing machine for resin printer wash and cure

Colour: White
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Wisepro Aurora washing machine for resin printer

Models that have not been cleaned and directly secondary cured may have problems such as lack of model accuracy and appearance defects. Wisepro washing machine can deeply clean the residual resin on the model. The cleaned model can avoid these problems and make the model obtain an optimum appearance and function


Wash Separately: There is no need to replace the curing parts before cleaning the model. You can use the Wisepro UV curing box NOX-I to cure and clean the model at the same time, which is more efficient and labor-saving.

Easy To Use: Simple operation with touch button, no complicated settings, default cleaning for 15 minutes after booting, and automatic switching between forward and reverse rotation modes, more thorough cleaning of the model.

Special Design: Washing size: φ120 * 130mm.The model can be cleaned in a special cleaning basket, which is convenient to pick and place the model and avoid contact with the cleaning agent; the upper cover is equipped with a sealing ring to prevent the cleaning agent from splashing and volatilizing.


包装清单Packing List

  1. 清洗机*1(Washing machine *1)
  2. 电源适配器 *1(Power adapter *1)
  3. 清洁篮*1(Cleaning basket*1)
  4. 用户手册 *1(User manual *1)

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