Wisepro NOX-1 cure box for resin printer wash and cure

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Wisepro NOX-1 cure box for resin printer

Wisepro NOX-1 cure box is a equipment designed for the secondary curing process of post LCD/DLP/SLA printed models. Models being in this process will gain an optimum appearance and function to the largest extent.

Features :
Foldable Design: Space-saving and portable.Simple assembly, one-piece molding, no additional parts required for assembly.

Exterior Design: The curing box is made of PU as a whole, with a delicate hand feeling, and all the wires are hidden, no wires leak out, which made the appearance more beautiful.

Smart Time Setting: Wide range of timing setting: 30~999s. This product allows you to set the timing in a wide range. Once the time finishes counting down, UV lamps will be automatically shut down.

Large Curing Size: The size of the internal space of the curing box: 220(L)*220(W)*270(H), which can meet the printing size of most equipment on the market at present.

Observation Window: Large observation window design, visible during curing process, two-way blocking UV light,
effectively protecting eyes

Independent Solar Turntable: The turntable supports solar power, external power supply is unnecessary. When the curing
box starts to work, the UV lamp can drive the turntable to work, and the fastest speed can rotate 3 circles per minute. The model can be more uniformly exposed to light during the secondary curing process, so that the appearance of the treated model is smoother and more detailed.

Intelligent Protection: When the top cover is opened, the UV lamp will automatically turn off immediately and stop the countdown. Once the top cover is closed again, it will continue to work.

Customized Light Board: The curing box is equipped with 4 quartz UV lamp beads. Compared with silica gel lamp beads, the wavelength is more stable, the light intensity is higher, and the service life is longer. The lamp board is made of aluminum-based material, which helps conduct heat away.

Support Mobile Power: The curing box can work with the power from portable power sources, which can achieve the
same curing effect.

包装清单 Packing List :
1. 固化箱 *1(Cure box *1)
2. 转台底座 *1 (Turntable base *1)
3. 圆盘 *1 (Disc *1)
4. USB 数据线 *1 (USB data cable *1)
5. 用户手册 *1 (User manual *1)

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