3D ACME H360 SLA 3d printer with large size 360*360*300mm high precision industrial printing

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3D ACME H360
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Company Profile
Established in October 2018, Shanghai Acme Technology Co, LTD locates atthe famous Cty Shanghaipecia izes in research and development, manufa unin of 3 ners industral 3 printer resolutions; focus on3d printing up-to date ec nology, Al tec nology di t al ad ve manufacturing technology, specializes inresearch and development of 3d printing related equipment and processing resolutionWe have SO 9001 Quality Management, 7 Invention patents, 11 utlity model patents, 36 software copyright, 2design patents, other intemational certificatesQuali y depends on professionalism, and brand depends on se vice. We Will rely on professional developmentand making every success with you in additive manufacturing industry

Print size(LxWxH)
Machine size(LxWxH)
Laser QTY
DPSSL(Diode Pump Solid State Laser) Nd: YVO4
Machine Weight
Coating Method
Laser Wavelength
Vocuum Adsorption
Laser Wattage
Layer Thickness
Normal Layer Thickness
Fast Layer Thickness
Pricision Layer Thickness
Resin Container Volume
Spot diameter
Scan Mode
Higt speed Galvo
Part Scan Speed
Proposed 6m/s
Part Jump Speed
Proposed 10m/s
Proposed print speed


variable spot technology

The high-tech core parts can freelyswitch the variable spot mode ,which greatly improves the printing efficiencyand meets the high-efficiencyrequirements of the enterprise for product development

Vacuum adsorption system

Double-pump adsorption vacuum scrapercomputer controls the adsorption force ,which can increase or decrease the adsorption forceto make printing more stable and uniform( comparison of three models

Liquid level detection technology

To provide guarantee for high-precision coatingcontrol , the process optimization of liquidcoating plate structure and coating system realizesthe self-adaptive control of coating plate movement ,and adopts the scanning process of variable layer thickness indifferent areas to improve printing accuracy and efficiency ,so that the coating Layer quality and efficiencyare significantly improved

Thickened body

The whole chassis is thickened by CNC cuttingand forming , the hole position is accuratethe assembly stability is better , and the positioningaccuracy of the printer is more accurate

Precision Ball Screw

Compared with the T-type screw ,the newly upgraded precision ball screw has higher straightness ,lower friction coefficient . better smoothnesshigher positioning accuracy and more stability during printing

Breakthrough Print Quality

Resin-based 3D printing is completely redefined with thehelp of advanced low-stress stereolithography ( SLA ) technology ,which greatly reduces the pressureduring the printing process

storage resin tank

The super thick stainless steel trough is used to prevent rust ,peeling and oxidation , and the equipment is durable

precise positioning

Custom designed light processing unit ,25 micron XY resolution , 1000 mw laser powerA custom-designed light processing unit ( LPU )inside the printer employs a compact lens and galvo systemto deliver accurate , repeatable prints

Support a variet of consumables

Meet customer demand for materialsFully meet the needs of customers from all walks of life forhe specificity of materials


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