Antinsky Screen Protector high-transparency protect screen perfectly for mini 8k mighty 8k mega 8k 3D printer

Size: ScreenProtector-166*72
Цена продажи$10.00


Antinsky Screen Protector
Antinsky is the Biggest 3d printing trading company. More than 50 brands of 3d printing and >1000 products have enter our online store. We have one Trading Company, one 3d printer factory, one 3d filament factory, one 3d pen factory. Main business: 3d printer, 3d filament, 3d resin, 3d pen, 3d scanner, 3d spare parts and 3d service Main cooperative brand 3d Filament & Resin: eSUN, Antinsky, Sunlu, Sunhokey, Polymaker, Cctree, Hello3d, Sting, Boxai,… 3d Printer: Creality, Anycubic, Artillery, Phrozen, Flashforge, Elegoo, Raise3d Flsun, Weedo, Dazzle, Twotrees, Dowell, Jgmaker, Anet, QIDI, Ideaformer, Vanshape, … Metal 3d printer: BLT, Farsoon 3d Scanner: Einscan, Scantech, Creality, xyzprinting 3d Pen: Antinsky 3d equipment: Mosaic Engraving&Cutting: Twotrees, NEJE, YEMING Overseas Stock: US EU AU RU CA UK
Effective defense against fingerprint attack,finger across without loss tracesIt can effectively prevent scratches, stains,fingerprints and dustEasy to clean up
All owing LCD light to penetrate perfectly through theprotector without affecting printing results.
Super durable:made of high quality durable materials

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