Anycubic ABS-Like 3D printer Resin+ 1KG Multiple colors choices resin UV Wavelength 365-405nm for LCD 3D Printer

Color: White
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Anycubic ABS-Like Resin

Founded in 2015, Anycubic has become one of the most popular 3D printer brands in the market, with around 300 employees based in Shenzhen, China.

Their photon mono x are most popular LCD 3d printer in these years. 

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At the same time ,we were authorized by Anycubic,Under our (antinsky)management, the products sell well and have been praised by customers.

anycubic ABS-like resin +

tough and easy to post-process

strong formula high precision long lasting

excellent tensile and bending strength

adding pua polyurethan acrylate ) to the formulagives the resin excellent tensile and bendingstrength as well as hardness and toughness

Better Fluidity Improves the High Precision

Improved fluidity significantly reduces curingtime , and ensures a printing accuracy of + 0 . 1mm

Wide Compatibility

Especially designed to be compatiblewith various LCD and DLP 3D printers

Long Conservation Period

The conservation period of the AnycubicABS-LIKE Resin + is 18 months . which islonger than other resins on the market

Large Choice of Color Multiple colors available Long-lasting shine

Use Guide

( 1 ) Before useShake the resin well before use ,Clean the resin vat and the building plate , and make sure the bottomof the resin vat is transparent .

( 2 ) When operatingUnscrew the cap , pour the resin into the vat according to the quantityneeded , and set the printer properly .

( 3 ) After use :After printing , please use the following tools for post-processing : scraper ,diagonal cutting pliers , tweezers , containers , gloves , Ethanol ( = 95 % ) , lactateor Isopropyl alcohol cleaning Solution .

(4 ) Post-processing .A . Remove the finished print from the build plate with a scraper :B Clean and cure . We recommend to use the Anycubic Wash & Cure Machinefor better resultsC Remove supports , polish and paint , etc..


Store at room temperature , keep sealed and away from light . Avoid heatand direct sunlight

Suggested storage temperature : 18-35 CLow temperatures might affect the printing results . The resin can bepreheated ( no more than 60C ) before use .

In case of resin pigment settlement , please stir or shake well before use

To ensure the best properties of the cured models , remember to controlthe intensity and the exposure time of the light source

( 1 ) The intensity of lamps or LED light source should not exceed 5-10mw / m2and the exposition time should not exceed 1 hour ( self-regulation )

(2 ) Sunlight exposure time ( summer ) should not exceed 1 hour

( 3 ) Close range exposure or prolonged exposure under strong light sourcessuch as high power and high voltage lamp is prohibited

( 4 ) It is recommended to print in a dark room or put on the cover whenprinting .

Material performance may vary and is subject to the machine used andpost-curing technique . Please refer to the product MSDS for safety informationShould you have any problems or questions , please feel free to contact us

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